Daniel Ramos

Lead Software Developer

Acid Tango


My name is Daniel Ramos, I'm a full-stack developer and technology enthusiast. I'm in love with Javascript and functional programming. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and learning from them.

At the backend, I have worked mainly with Node.js and Swagger, using it to create RESTful APIs. Occasionally I have developed some microservices using Scala and Akka Streams. I have learned Elixir an Go to create backend services, but I still haven't used them in real-world projects.

At the frontend, I use React & Redux to create web apps and native apps, but I would like to learn Angular and Vue in the future.

In the sysadmin world, I have advanced knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes. In the last year, I have deployed containers in Amazon Web Services but I have also used other cloud proviers and services, specially Google Kubernetes Engine.

Apart from these technical aspects, I do formations from time to time:

  • 2017-03 at Open Canarias: Javascript, CSS, React and Redux
  • 2018-07 at Open Canarias: Javascript in 2018 and React best practices
  • 2018-08 at Kairos: Javascript, OOP, FP

I like to carry out technological/scientific divulgation activities, either giving talks or by other means such as Youtube.


Degree in Computer Engineering

University of La Laguna

2013 - 2017

Professional Experience

Frontend developer

Lean Mind|2018 - today

I started at Lean Mind in search of better programming habits and to enforce myself to use best practices. By the brief time I have been here, I learned many things, especially about Code Quality, Test Driven Development, enterprise architectures, and agile methodologies.

Full-stack developer

Open Canarias|2017 - 2018

I joined Open Canarias at the investigation and development department when I finished my Degree in Computer Engineering. I started developing an iOS app, but my main job has been as a full-stack developer using React at the frontend and Node.js at the backend. Also, I have developed some POCs using innovative technologies like Blockchain or Deep Neural Networks. Here are some remarkable projects:

  • Yogabot: A smart Yoga trainer using AI (specifically, Facebook's Detectron) to analyze your body and recommend specific Yoga exercises
  • Blockchain POC: A system for uploading offers for litications that are hashed and persisted in Ethereum Blockchain. This is for letting the hash be inmutable and public, but let the original document private as no one can retrieve it from the hash.
  • AI Document Classification POC: An Artificial Intelligence system that retrieves several documents from the clients' database, and sorts them into several categories using Tensorflow's Deep Neural Networks.

At Open Canarias I was also introduced into Functional Reactive Programming using RxJS for React and Akka Streams at the backend.


// Professional

  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Code Trainer
  • Teamwork

// Technical

  • Javacript
  • Scala
  • Go
  • C#
  • Elixir
  • Functional Programming
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Tensorflow